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Drive Successful Outcomes

Enhance your organizational meetings with the expertise of skilled Facilitators, Moderators, and Mediators

AMH Business Solutions is a highly regarded consulting firm with over two decades of expertise, providing personalized and tailored transformative coaching, dynamic facilitation, and expert mediation services that empower entrepreneurs and firms across industries to overcome challenges, achieve remarkable results, and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.


Personalized Quality Services

We provide services that help entrepreneurs and firms achieve their goals.


We solve the problem of ineffective collaboration by providing coaching to help teams communicate effectively and work together seamlessly.



We solve the problem of unproductive meetings by helping to structure meetings and provide direction to ensure that all participants are engaged and focused on the agenda.



We solve the problem of conflict and tension by providing skilled mediation services to help organizations navigate challenging situations.


Speaking & Training

Through training session we help you navigate the intricacies of effective communication, leadership, and project management in today’s fast-paced environment.



What Our Clients Are Saying

"Ann is an amazing soundboard for me as I work to get unstuck in my head about next steps in some exciting transitions. Her calm energy and peaceful presence mix perfectly with her coaching expertise in a way that helps me know exactly what my next steps should be. Having a partner like Ann along on my journey is the extra boost I need to stop just dreaming and actually get moving along the path God is showing me "

J Pauley